• Bullion : silver 
  • Silver sample: 925
  • Weight: 10.4 g 
  • Colour of crystals: gold, brown, burgundy
  • Size : earrings length 55 mm
  • Size : bracelet length 180 mm
  • Size : chain length 430 mm
  • Crystals: Swarovski ®


Reebou Jewellery

Geometric details in the form of delicate crystals give this jewellery a universal character, making it fit anywhere and anytime. Beautifully cut crystals in deep autumn shades add charm and allure to any styling. Choose this light and minimalistic motif and fall in love with simple elegance. The set is handmade of genuine Swarovski ® crystals.

Reebou Jewellery
Reebou Jewellery
Reebou Handmade Jewellery

Products from the Cymerman Art collection are packed in a decorative box. On special request, we can pack the product as a gift, attach a card and deliver it to a specified address.


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