The history of jewellery dates back thousands of years, the oldest piece of jewellery found dates back more than 22,000 years, and over the centuries its role has changed, it has been an ornament, a talisman, a religious object, a symbol of power and social status, but it still accompanied people and adorned different parts of their bodies. At first it was made of shells, stones, leather and animal bones. The breakthrough year was 2000 BC, when the Egyptians contributed to the popularisation of jewellery. Today a few words about bracelets.┬áBracelets have been adorning women’s wrists for centuries and recently have become an indispensable part of both everyday and evening outfits. It is interesting to note that in some cultures married women still wear bracelets instead of wedding rings. It is worth noting that bracelets are a great idea for a gift, they are very attractive and do not have to have a personal meaning. I invite you to check out our collections where bracelets are an important element.

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